Classification of Rosin based on the method of extraction

Rosin is classified into three types based on the method of extraction.

Colofônia de tall oil

Tall Rosin

Tall oil rosin is obtained from distilling crude tall oil* which is a by-product of the craft pulp making process. Harima is the only commercial producer of tall rosin in Japan and the leading manufacturer in the pine chemicals field base on the collective use of gum rosin and tall rosin.

*The term tall oil comes from the Swedish word Talloja which means pine oil.

Colofônia de goma resina

Gum Rosin

Gum rosin is obtained from distilling crude gum collected from live pine trees. Gum rosin is the oldest and most consumed rosin in the world today.

Colofônia de madeira

Wood Rosin

Wood rosin is obtained by the solvent extraction of wood chips from pine stumps that is then distilled.