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In 1973, the president of Harima Chemicals Inc. Japan, Mr. Hasegawa Sueyoshi, came to Brazil as president of Kakogawa's Trade Association to know Maringa city (sister city of Kakogawa). During the visit to the region, He noted that there were many forests of pines, thus he decided to establish a subsidiary of Harima in Brazil.

In august 1974, the HARIMA DO BRASIL INDÚSTRIA QUÍMICA was established by Mr. Hasegawa Sueyoshi in São Paulo. In the following year (1975), started the construction of the installations of HARIMA DO PARANÁ, in an 330.000 m2 area in Ponta Grossa city (Paraná state), and on February 1976 the plant was ready and starting its operation.

The Company has undergone several transformations until April 1997, when Mr. Minoru Homma who was the president of HARIMA DO BRASIL INDÚSTRIA QUÍMICA, merged the Harima do Brasil and the Harima do Paraná, and from this date only existing HARIMA DO BRASIL INDÚSTRIA QUÍMICA LTDA.

In June 1998 Mr. Eiji Moroizumi assumes the presidency of HARIMA DO BRASIL INDÚSTRIA QUÍMICA LTDA. staying until July 2007, when Mr. Atsuo Fujishita assumes the presidency, which remained until february 2016. Currently Mr. TETSUNORI KAWAKAMI is the new chief executive officer of the company in Brazil.

Today the company has two locations. In Ponta Grossa-PR where are the production, technical, shipping, human resources, finance, accounting, and purchasing departments and the support unit in São Paulo - SP, which office stay the administrative and commercial director and sales department.

Policy of the integrated management system

  • Continuously improve the integrated management system.
  • Commit to the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution.
  • Manufacture rosin and derivatives according to the applicable legal requirements.
  • Provide necessary resources for the IMS implementation, operation and control and.
  • Seek the satisfaction of our customers.

Harima do Brasil's integrated management system is based on NBR ISO 14001 and NBR ISO 9001.